The Wilmette Dojo was the second of the FMA dojos to open and, in a short time, has attracted hundreds of eager students from the North Shore. The bright, open space is perfect for practicing karate while nourishing mind, body, and spirit.


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Shana Orczyk SisselShana Orczyk Sissel
03:03 21 Apr 23
Honestly I cannot say enough good things about Fonseca Martial Arts. I enrolled my son for the Little Dragons program about 2 years ago when he was 6 years old. The transformation I have seen in him through his development in karate is nothing short of incredible.He's moved quickly through the program, made the transition from Little Dragons to the Youth Program & now he's a member of the junior competition team. All of the instructors are phenomenal with the kids. The classes remain fun and age appropriate while still maintaining the discipline and respect that are the hallmarks of karate. My son participates in the quarterly Dojo Duels to help refine his skills in a low pressure competition environment. Dojo Duels are a fun introduction to competitive karate, allowing students to learn about competition in a very fun way. All the participants are recognized and receive medals, but they still recognize the top competitors in every age group as well. You can really go as far as you want with Fonseca. If you want to learn & compete at an international/ Olympic level you can, as many Fonseca students compete on the world stage. John Fonseca himself is a legend in the sport and you will find him working in all the dojo locations and providing the students with his expertise. My son never misses an opportunity to to train with Sensei Fonseca. In fact, my son competed in the Fonseca Cup last fall. It was his first high pressure competition. He didn't place and he was devastated. Sensei Fonseca saw him devastated and distraught. He took my son aside and gave him an epic pep talk that changed everything and was the catalyst that led my son to want to join the competition team.We love Sensei Dave at the Wilmette Dojo, he clearly cares about his students and really invests his time in their development. My son often arrives early or stays after class (by choice) because he is so eager to learn from him. Sensei JC is also a big hit with my son. He teaches class in Wilmette 3x a week & he's also one of the competition coaches.We've taken advantage of the private lesson opportunities (at my son's request) so he can perform at his best in competition. He will be participating his first AAU tournament in a few weeks. He has his team Fonseca gear, he knows he has the best coaches supporting him & he loves every moment. That's how I know it's the best dojo around, it fostered a real love and passion for the sport in my 8 year old.
debora perezdebora perez
23:32 20 Apr 23
We have the best experience with Karate classes since we started coming to this dojo. My son loves coming to his classes and he has learned a lot and improved his behavior and self control also. Thank you very much to Fonseca Martial arts and all the teachers for their patience while teaching the kiddos!!!
Kimberly BakerKimberly Baker
21:55 29 Mar 23
We absolutely love fonseca martial arts. Sensei Dave has been so kind and patient with our 5 year old who has rare genetic disorder and attentional difficulties. He’s learned so much, and most importantly, he has fun. Our 3 year old daughter also takes classes there and it’s really helping her confidence. It’s been such a positive experience, and we can’t recommend it enough!
Rohit KapuriaRohit Kapuria
21:03 29 Mar 23
Great location, amazing sensei. Sensei Dave is phenomenal. My son has been coming here for two years and has grown a lot during his time at the dojo. Very patient and teach good skills.
Bridget TucekBridget Tucek
03:24 17 Mar 23
My daughter has learned so much about the art of karate at this dojo in a relatively short period of time! The Sensei are all extremely caring and knowledgeable and they ensure that classes are run efficiently and compassionately. Students of different levels work together to mentor one another and learn new skills. Truly a wonderful experience watching my daughter learn from her Sensei and other classmates who are so passionate about what they do!
Charlie BurtCharlie Burt
02:26 05 Jul 18
Sensai David is handing his martial arts business in a big way at this dojo. My children are internalizing discipline, respect, hard work, self control and most importantly self esteem. Sensai David has a great rapport with the kids as well as making developmentally appropriate demands on them. And my kids even get to learn self defense in the process!