Enrolling in FMA’s Self-Defense lessons or workshops is the best way to ensure your own personal safety. Students learn how to kick, punch, and block; how to defend against various punches, chokes, grabs, and take-downs; and how to deal with multiple attackers. The program also focuses on how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and respond appropriately.

FMA’s Self-Defense lessons and workshops are perfect for high school teenagers and college-bound students. Learning to protect oneself is a crucial part of growing up. College is an exciting and busy time, but more than anything else, it should be a positive and fulfilling experience. Most importantly, everyone should have the self-defense skills to make it safe.  This program is open to ages. No previous martial arts experience is required.

Self-Defense Workshops will be held at our dojos throughout the year. Subscribe to our email list to be informed of these events. Students also have the option to schedule private lessons with our head instructor, Ed Kress. Call 847.866.0200 ext 6 or email us for more information.