schools & community centers

Our community focused programs are a great opportunity for children to participate in FMA programs onsite at their schools or local community centers. Our program not only teaches the strong foundations of traditional Japanese Shotokan karate, but also cultivates important life skills for children of all ages. Our emphasis on character development encourages children to be respectful, courteous, humble, and thoughtful of others. Good deeds at home, school, and in the community are discussed and praised in class. We employ our S.A.F.E. curriculum, which guides the students in developing the skills to deal with threatening and non-threatening situations with integrity and intelligence.

  • All Ages
  • Class time: 30 min – 60 min

the s.a.f.e. curriculum

We teach students what it means to be S.A.F.E.


Children develop the tools they need to recognize potentially harmful and dangerous situations, and respond appropriately to them. Children learn about situational awareness in a fun, non-threatening way.


Students learn how to identify bullying, help others around them, and report incidents immediately to adults. We also teach our students strategies they can use to diffuse bullying in a non-violent way, by using anger guards, word blocks, and other verbal techniques.


Martial arts is an excellent form of exercise and fitness development. Young children practice gross motor skills for their physical development, while older children gain speed, mobility, strength and coordination from our karate fitness program.


Students learn to overcome obstacles, understand that failure equals feedback, believe in themselves, harness the power of a positive mental attitude, and focus on the task at hand. Empowering students allows them to develop the confidence and assertiveness they need to say “No” to an adult or their peers in a potentially dangerous situation.

the track record

We’ve partnered with these schools and community centers.


  • Chicago • Creme de la Creme Lincoln Park
  • Chicago • Beaubien Elementary School
  • Chicago • Bell Elementary School
  • Chicago • Bennett Day School
  • Chicago • Courtenay Language Arts School
  • Chicago • Hawthorne Elementary School
  • Chicago • Prescott Elementary School
  • Chicago • Redwood Day School
  • Chicago • Solomon Elementary School
  • Chicago • Waters Elementary School
  • Evanston • Chiaravalle Montessori School
  • Evanston • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Glenview • Creme de la Creme Glenview
  • Northfield • Banner Pre-School
  • Wilmette • Baker Demonstration School
  • Winnetka • North Shore Country Day School
  • Winnetka • Sts. Faith Hope & Charity School

community centers & CAMPS

  • Chicago • Apachi Day Camp Northside
  • Chicago • Apachi Day Camp Hyde Park
  • Evanston • Chandler Newberger
  • Evanston • Purple Line Adventure Play Camp
  • Evanston • Robert Crown Center
  • Franklin Park • Small World Learning Center Camp
  • Glenview • Kohl Children’s Museum
  • Kenilworth • Kenilworth Park District
  • Northbrook • YMCA

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