Located in downtown Park Ridge, Fonseca Martial Arts’ fifth and newest dojo is a vibrant place in the heart of the Park Ridge community. Now in its fourth year of operation, its membership has grown exponentially and its students are truly awe-inspiring. Come train with us and see for yourself how the Park Ridge Dojo has transformed into one big family.


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steven danielssteven daniels
00:13 15 May 23
Fonseca has been a wonderful place to learn karate. Both of my children have been attending lessons for over a decade and we couldn’t imagine a place that would encourage them to persevere better. They learn more than just karate. They learn responsibility, resilience, and thoughtfulness. Sensei Jaime has done a terrific job ensuring that they keep wanting to learn and improve.
William WingerWilliam Winger
15:12 02 May 23
After turning 58 years old, I had serious doubts that I could ever get back into the shape I hoped for. I knew that my only chance was to engage in an activity which I loved in order not to feel that working out was drudgery. I looked online and found Fonseca Martial Arts. I am thrilled that I did! I enlisted Tony Kalina, the chief Jiu-Jitsu instructor, as a personal trainer. Together we designed a curriculum which combines fitness and self-defense. Tony is amazing. He is incredibly knowledgeable and proficient in many martial arts and exceptionally adept at explaining the concepts behind the techniques. And he has the patience of a saint. If you want an excellent personal trainer, and to become a part of a great school, look no further. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Fonseca!
Jenna SellmanJenna Sellman
15:38 25 Apr 23
My daughter attended a friends birthday party here earlier this year and had the most wonderful time, so we had her 3rd birthday party at the dojo! Sensai Jaime and the whole team do a wonderful job. They played lots of games, taught the kids some great moves, brought my daughter up front to help them show different kicks and punches and the whole crew of 20 kids (ranging 3-9 years old) had a wonderful time.We did the full package and the kids each got to break a board, they organized pizza, fruit and juice and it went off without a hitch. They had my daughter at the table to hand out cupcakes to the kids and they also had her hand out goody bags. It’s so well organized, puts your birthday kid in position to be a great host and engages everyone of all levels. We had never done martial arts before, but we have now joined and are at the dojo every weekend. We love it and cannot recommend enough!
Sara GinalSara Ginal
15:24 13 Mar 23
We have had such a great experience at Fonseca Martial Arts. My 7 year old has learned so much about self control and has gained a lot of confidence through her classes.
Lydia MungerLydia Munger
14:23 04 Mar 23
My kids and I all train at FMA and the instruction is top notch. All the instructors are amazing. They truly provide individualized guidance to each athlete and help each participant bring out their very best in each and every class. The karate senseis and BJJ professor all work hard to prepare their students for every possible situation, in competition and in terms of practical self defense skills. The skills my kids and I are learning are valuable not just in tournaments but also in the real world. I cannot say enough great things about Fonseca Martial Arts, their staff, and their programs.If you’re wondering whether there is a place for you and/or your child here, the answer is yes. If someone wants to compete at the highest levels, FMA will support you. If you want to learn something new and get in better shape, FMA will support you. If you want to feel more confident and capable to defend yourself, FMA will support you. If you want a community centered around respect, martial arts, and becoming better people every day, this is the place for you.
Monica WojnickiMonica Wojnicki
03:12 13 Feb 23
This place is amazing on so many levels. Jaime is one of the best if not the best. He is so great with the students and he ran my son's birthday party. He was AWESOME!So great that my son asked to have his party there again.