fma karate summer camp

COVID 19 Announcement: May 21 • After much deliberation and consideration of state reopening guidelines, we have decided to cancel all June weeks of Summer Camp. This is a decision that was not made lightly, but prioritized safety and comfort above all. Each dojo’s manager will be reaching out to those registered for June weeks. FMA can either reschedule your child or children for a week later in the summer or carry over the camp credit to 2021. Any camps purchased for 2020 can be used in 2021 instead. If you wish to purchase a camp week for next year, or later this summer, we have extended the early bird deadline to June 15.

In our Karate Summer Camp, kids learn firsthand how focused effort pays off! For half of the day, they will advance through our karate curriculum including belt tests and dojo tournaments while developing skills, increasing their level of fitness, making new friends, and having fun. During full day camps, afternoons are spent having a good time with fellow campers at local parks and beaches, doing arts and crafts, taking part in structured activities, and more.

This year FMA offers a variety of summer camps for students of every skill level. Your child will be taught by the very best instructors in karate while having fun both indoors and outdoors with fellow campers. All camp weeks are from Monday – Friday, with half-day and full-day options available.

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Interested in Camp? Here are a few things you should know.

What should I bring?

• Snack
• Lunch
• Water Bottle
• Emergency medical products
(ie. inhaler, epipen)
• Change of clothes
• Karate Gi (uniform)
if you don’t have a gi, no problem

How much does it cost?


Full week, full day (1-4 wks): $220

Full week, full day (5-9 wks): $190

Full week, half day: $140

One day drop-in: $80


Full week, full day (1-4 wks): $230

Full week, full day (1-4 wks): $200

Full week, half day: $150

One day drop-in: $80

Can I come for one day?

Yes you can! We charge $80 for a one-day drop-in.

Is there aftercare?

Yes there is! We can be available for as much as early as one hour before camp begins, and as late as one hour after camp ends. Each instance is $15.