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World Karate Champion John Fonseca, one of the most decorated karate athletes in U.S. history, brings an exciting new martial arts program to your company. Owner and Chief Instructor of Fonseca Martial Arts, John Fonseca is also a certified fitness instructor who will tailor each workout to fit the individual’s needs. He has years of experience teaching classes and seminars around the world and are dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction for working adults.

Each class will incorporate a proper warm-up and stretch to improve flexibility and injury prevention. The program will involve instruction in the traditional art of karate, as well as incorporating philosophies and applications from other martial arts such as Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, and Israeli Self-Defense. Students will develop focus and concentration with striking fundamentals and also improve their strength and muscular endurance through a variety of conditioning exercises. Students will not just punch and kick in the air, but rather learn how to develop proper reaction timing and power with their techniques, as their moves are applied on different striking targets. Students will also build their self-confidence by learning key self-defense tactics and improving their situational awareness in a controlled, safe environment.

The Fonseca Martial Arts Corporate class will lead to increased health and fitness for your employees while reducing absenteeism and, quite possibly, future healthcare insurance cost increases for your company. The program is designed to help your employees make a commitment to regular exercise while fostering camaraderie among workers who join the program.

Fonseca Martial Arts Corporate has provided top quality classes, workshops and demonstrations for organizations throughout Chicago including DraftFCB, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GE, CME Group, Leo Burnett, The American Cancer Society, Midwest Palliative & Hospice Care Center, and Project Action Fundraising Events.

  • All Ages
  • Class time: Variable

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