Fonseca Martial Arts’ Glenview dojo, established in December 2017, is the fourth FMA dojo to open. Located in The Glen Town Center, the dojo is a vibrant place in the heart of the Glenview community. Many individuals from all over the Glenview, Northbrook, and surrounding areas come to the dojo weekly to train, and have formed a tight-knit community bonded by the love of karate. Come train with us!


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Fonseca Martial Arts
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Chris PetelleChris Petelle
17:54 23 Jun 24
Our 9 year old son is in the Karate and Jiu Jitsu programs. The Jiu Jitsu instructor, Tony, is terrific. He is great with the kids. I can see a real improvement in my son's physical confidence.
Kevin RocheKevin Roche
22:31 25 May 24
What a fun birthday, all the kids got involved and interested.
01:25 20 May 24
A great dojo for students of all age and abilities. The students are nurtured and encouraged to develop and advance at their own pace .
05:23 15 May 24
My son has been doing karate for almost 2 yrs and he likes it. He enjoys every moment of his training and always looking forward in joining tournaments. Sensei JC and Sensei Gerson have helped him improve his body coordination, focus, discipline and social skills. Highly recommend!
Enkhbat ByambaEnkhbat Byamba
00:04 02 May 24
My daughter's journey at Fonseca Karate has been truly remarkable. In less than two years, she has excelled in both the physical and mental aspects of karate, achieving silver and bronze medals at the National Championship. Beyond the medals, the dojo has shaped her character, instilling discipline that extends to all areas of her life.We are deeply grateful to Fonseca Karate for nurturing her talents and fostering her growth. Watching her evolve into a disciplined and confident individual fills us with immense pride.
Moon LeeMoon Lee
19:27 12 Apr 23
John Fonseca, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, has started a jiu-jitsu program led by Anthony Kalina, another extremely talented jiu-jitsu black belt and instructor. I have known both for about a decade, and recommend them whole-heartedly. If you're looking for quality jiu-jitsu instruction for adults or kids, look no further, you've found it!
Belinda Tobin DuellmanBelinda Tobin Duellman
22:02 09 Apr 23
Updated - Absolutely fantastic experience at Fonseca Glenview Dojo's! Our 4th grade Girl Scout troop recently attended a self-defense class here, and I couldn't be more impressed. The instructor (Gerson) was amazing, striking the perfect balance between fun and practicality. He engaged the kids with age-appropriate information, making sure it wasn't scary for them while still imparting crucial self-defense skills. Our troop had a blast and left feeling empowered and confident. Highly recommend this Dojo for anyone looking to learn self-defense in a supportive and enjoyable environmentOriginal - Our daughter is having a fantastic experience at Fonseca Martial Arts in Glenview. JC is amazing with kids and runs an excellent dojo. I am so impressed with how my daughter has been both physically challenged but also how they instill a sense of respect, responsibility, and striving for improvement in these kids. I highly recommend checking it out for a well rounded - physical and mental - activity.
Danielle KastnerDanielle Kastner
01:05 06 Apr 23
This is the best dojo! Sensei JC and Gerson are amazing. So patient with the young kids. Truly a child whisperer. I joined after my son took a few lessons and it’s been a blast!
Lisa M.Lisa M.
00:50 04 Apr 23
My daughter attended this with her first grade Girl Scout Troop and the kids all had an absolute blast! The instructors were so patient, kind, creative, and skilled. You can tell that they are subject matter experts in the field of martial arts! My daughter was so excited to tell her friends and family about her class and the new skills she learned in class. Thank you Fonseca Martial Arts for sharing a valuable lesson to all our girls!!
Renee CherubinRenee Cherubin
00:12 04 Apr 23
BLOWN AWAY! Fonseca hosted a self-defense course for our 4th grade Girl Scout troop. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Our 10 year old girls left educated and empowered - not scared. The instructors took great care to connect with each young girl and help each understand how to better defend herself. They broke a scary subject down into basic language that they could relate to. They even welcomed the parents to join in on the class, so I joined and loved it. I've benefited from many self-defense courses over the years and this was by far the best I've experienced. The knowledge and passion of the Fonseca instructors definitely sets them apart. My little girls were so excited to return and we are now signing up for more classes. Thank you, Fonseca, for helping to better protect our kiddos and making it fun!