The Chicago Dojo made its debut in early 2017 in the heart of the Roscoe Village Neighborhood. Since then, it has flourished into a thriving dojo where residents from all over the Windy City come to practice. 


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Nuttapol PhosThaiNuttapol PhosThai
22:20 17 Jun 24
Very nice place
Paulina VazquezPaulina Vazquez
01:28 17 Jun 24
I am so grateful to have found this place! I am the mother of a child with autism💙, and even though it took my son a few sessions to integrate into the class, the senseis (teachers) were always attentive and motivating my son to participate in the class and that day arrived when my son I feel safe being part of the group! That security was thanks to the senseis, the healthy and pleasant atmosphere of the place, the respect that exists between their colleagues and the senseis, the professionalism with which they teach the classes. These classes are excellent for my son because they teach him discipline, to take turns, help him with the coordination and strength that his body needs, to have confidence in himself and they teach him to be brave🤎🙏. It is important to mention that all senseis are bilingual😃.
Aaron Z.Aaron Z.
16:51 16 Jun 24
Spectacular classes for all ages! Instructors are fabulous. Classes are also different week-to-week, so kids remain interested.
Valeriya KravtsovaValeriya Kravtsova
21:32 06 Jun 24
Wonderful experience. My daughter can’t wait to come every week and we now even come multiple times a week! The teachers are fantastic and we have had a great experience with every instructor. Highly recommend this program for kids, not just for karate but respect and listening skills. Will be going for many months and hopefully years to come!
Kerry PaquetteKerry Paquette
21:57 02 May 24
We love the Roscoe Village Dojo, especially Sensei Guillen and Shaza! They do a great job both teaching a kids and having a little fun. The kids love it and the parents get the benefit of exercise, focus and self control coaching for the kids.
Rachel SalazarRachel Salazar
21:24 30 Apr 24
Our son just LOVES Karate and looks forward to it each week. Sensai is so great with the kids!
Evelia ZavalaEvelia Zavala
15:50 20 Apr 24
Melissa MamuriMelissa Mamuri
15:14 20 Apr 24
My 7 year old and 5 year old sons have attended this dojo for the past few years and we’ve been very happy with the teachers and staff. They truly care about the kids and not only teach them self-defense skills, fitness and coordination, but discipline and self-confidence as well. They are also much better at dealing with children and meeting them at their current level - we tried another dojo before finding Fonseca and they were way too intense/intimidating for kids. Would love it if they added BJJ classes to the Roscoe Village location!
Maria BorisovaMaria Borisova
22:26 14 Mar 24
My son is coming here for a few months. He absolutely loves it. All the teachers (senseis) are very professional and make the classes fun and engaging. Highly recommend!
Gabe VillarrealGabe Villarreal
17:39 25 Jul 23
Great karate dojo with excellent instruction. My child has been going here for approximately 3 years. Over that time, I have seen her gain more confidence and mature as a person. The technique taught here has allowed my child to understand the training and continue to grow in her karate journey. She loves attending classes, private lessons and competing. This is a great place for any age and ability. Love this dojo!
Amanda ZengerAmanda Zenger
01:57 05 Jun 23
My son has been going to Fonseca Roscoe Village for 2 years, and we’ve had a fantastic experience. Sensei Nolys instills good values, hard work and discipline in the kids, but he does so with a sense of humor and approachability that is rare in this field. I’ve seen my son grow so much in his confidence and ability over the past 2 years, thanks in large part to his training at Fonseca.We just had a kids party at the dojo and it was the most fun party my kids have ever been to - I would highly recommend a party here for kids to actually be able to play together.
Danielle CapillaDanielle Capilla
17:44 22 May 23
Fonseca is a treasure- my son really enjoys his classes and truly loves going to class. He had his sixth birthday party at Fonseca so he could show all his friends how much he loves the dojo. Karate has been a really positive experience, building his self control and sense of accomplishment.
Fernando LimaFernando Lima
16:34 17 May 23
This is an outstanding place for karate training. For nearly two years now, my son and I have been participating in the classes here. We're both close to achieving our green belts. Sensei Nollys does an excellent job at engaging the children, ensuring the sessions are enjoyable yet retaining a sense of seriousness when the moment calls for focused work.
Lia BermanLia Berman
16:25 24 Apr 23
Fonseca Martial Arts is FANTASTIC! At the suggestion of a friend we decided to try Martial Arts as a way to find some focus and self control in our kiddo, and couldn't be happier. In just a few short months my kid has become more confident, more in control, and shown more respect than ever before. The classes are just the right length, the moves and the activities require the kids to focus, and the pride they have after an accomplishment is priceless. We could not be happier with Fonseca and Sensei Oswaldo Lopez is simply the best!
Ian HarrisonIan Harrison
00:07 21 Apr 23
Been a 2nd home...My 7 year old has trained with Fonseca for ~2 years and has had a tremendous experience. Developed strength, confidence and friendships. She loves her sensei and considers the dojo her 2nd home.
Olga RojoOlga Rojo
15:07 31 Mar 23
Definitely recommend ., excellent place to learn KARATE my son has been going there for 5 years now; he has become more mature and more responsible he is almost black belt now. Sensei Nollys and Senpai Jose are great with the kids, they keep the clases fun yet serious when it’s time to get to work.
Robert S. KrunichRobert S. Krunich
03:25 30 Mar 23
Such a great learning of a life skill and so much fun for the kids! My 8 year old son loves it! He learned and improved with time while becoming stronger mentally and physically. Karate is great for hand and eye coordinating. Sensei Nolys is a fantastic teacher and a great human being very passionate about Karate. Strongly recommend this Dojo and Fonseca for all ages!
Highly recommend Fonseca. My child has been there for about a year and it has been a very positive community. The sensei's are all consistently kind and caring while also expecting the kids to work hard. They know how to balance and bring together having fun while focusing on learning new skills. It has definitely built character and physical strength for my child.
Michael SorvilloMichael Sorvillo
00:38 22 Feb 23
Solid workout in the Jiu Jitsu class. They have kids and adults Jiu Jitsu. Class is very fun and Coach Tony always there to inspire you. He has thorough program and his teaching helps you work through opponents tactics. Best part is he is always around after class for questions, review, and talk all things Jiu Jitsu.