Come to Chicago for a day of action-packed competition, using both AAU and WKF rules.

The Fonseca Cup has drawn in competitors from the Chicagoland area, as well as top competitors from all over the world, including El Salvador, Venezuela, Albania, Senegal, the Dominican Republic, and Canada. Our goal is to provide an efficient and professionally run event for competitors of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

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Date & Time

NOVEMBER 2, 2024


Park Center, Glenview, IL

Parking available on site.


Beginner – Advanced Divisions (AAU)
$65 for one event
$100 for two

Elite Divisions (WKF)
$100 for one event
$165 for two events

Little Dragons Divisions (WKF)
$50 for one event
$70 for two events

Team Divisions (AAU)
$50 per individual for team kumite
$150 per team for team kata

KIAI (Para-Karate) Divisions (WKF)

Kick Out PD (Karate for Parkinson’s Disease) (WKF)

2024 GENERAL schedule

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Schedule is an approximation, please check Uventex closer to the tournament for down-to-the-minute times. Fonseca Martial Arts reserves the right to change times and divisions at any point based on registration numbers. Competitors should arrive at least one hour before their division is set to begin.


Add a photo or video package to your Cup registration

Make your Fonseca Cup experience one to remember with a photo or video package. Fonseca Martial Arts will have a full staff of photographers and videographers on site ready to catch your gravity-defying athleticism.

A 50% deposit of the package price is due at booking, and the other 50% is due upon receipt of your media.


$ 149
  • (25) edited action photos


$ 249
  • (25) edited action photos
  • (1) 0:20-0:30 highlight reel


$ 149
  • (1) 0:20-0:30 highlight reel


There are many hotel options in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. We suggest the following hotels and rental services for convenience to the tournament and Chicago fun.


What is the refund policy?

If you cannot make the tournament, please write a message to no later than 15 days before the event and we will issue a refund. If it is within 15 days of the event, we will only be able to issue a credit for a future event.

My child is 5 or 6, should I register them for Little Dragons or Age 5-6?

If you are an FMA student, and your child is 5 or 6, chances are that they are a Little Dragon. Little Dragons Divisions will take place first thing. Don’t know how to tell if your child is a Little Dragon? Check their belt. It will be white on the outside with a colored stripe in the middle (unless they are a white belt). Another way to tell is by asking your dojo manager, or looking at your registration for past classes. If your class name says “Little Dragons”, you know what to do!

If your child is 5 or 6 and does not belong to FMA, or has been moved up to beginner classes at FMA due to skill or experience, then you would register for the 5-6 “non-Little Dragons” divisions.

What time should I arrive?

Division times above are approximate, as there are many variables that can change a tournament’s schedule. Please keep an eye on for your updated division time. Try to arrive one hour before your division is set to begin.

What do I need to bring or wear?

Please see the official bulletin for the full list of required equipment for each division.

What if I don’t know what divisions to enter?

Divisions will be shown to you based on the information you fill out during registration (age, belt level, etc). Most competitors register for both a kata (or kihon) and a kumite division. As competitors advance in the ranks, some will choose to specialize in either kata or kumite. The smartest thing to do is talk to your competitor and your sensei about the best course of action!

I still need help. How do I register?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the Uventex system.

Still have a question?

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