sensei jean carlos vasquez

Karate, 4th dan
Glenview Dojo Manager

Sensei Jean Carlos Vasquez holds a 4th degree black belt. He has obtained the honor of being a member of the Pan-American Karate Federation Coaches, with only 600 coaches selected worldwide. Sensei Vasquez has also obtained a coaching passport from the Venezuela Karate Do Federation, an honor reserved for those coaches of distinguished ability. He is also a member of the of the Shotokan Karate Do International Federation – Evaluation and Technical Commission, reserved for those coaches that have trained national champion athletes, Pan-American medalists, and have fulfilled other rigorous criteria. Sensei Vasquez is also an International Karate Do Coach, an honor bestowed to less than 1 percent of coaches. He was awarded Coach of the Year, a nationally recognized award, by the Venezuelan Karate Do Federation. He has also served as a Coach for the Ecuadorian National Karate Team. Sensei Vasquez is not only a decorated coach, he is a distinguished athlete with many accolades, including World Shotokan Champion, Central American Champion, and a four-time Pan American Champion.