Share the Dream Foundation

Everyone has a dream, to one day achieve something special. To make their mark on the world. To conquer a mountain of impossibilities.To stare uncertainty in the face and say, “Not today.” We want to help them get there.

The Share the Dream Foundation aims to make it possible for all karatekas to achieve their dreams, big or small. From supporting Olympic hopefuls in their quest to Tokyo in 2020, to ensuring a yellow belt who has just fallen in love with the sport makes it to that tournament three towns away, the Share the Dream Foundation will use 100% of the proceeds donated to cover travel, lodging, and entry costs for competitions all over the globe.

Our Goal

We aim to collect throughout 2019 and 2020 to Share the Dream with all athletes on FMA’s competition teams.


How it Works

The Share the Dream Foundation is simple. All proceeds given to the foundation will be used to make dreams happen. Of the total proceeds, 60% will go towards Level 5 athletes competing in K1 and Series A Events in order to obtain Olympic points. These tournaments and travel are very costly, and therefore need more funds allotted to them. Next, 20% of the funds collected will go towards Level 4 and 3 athletes competing in Youth League and Series A tournaments. The final 20% will go towards FMA’s travel team and local competition team.

The Levels

Level 1 – Junior Competition Team

Entry level for FMA students who are interested in karate competitions.  Tournaments are local (including WI and IN), some hosted by other organizations and others hosted by FMA.  This level is open to all ages and skill levels.

Level 2 – FMA Travel Team

Athletes who have at least one year on the Junior Competition Team.  You should be recommended by an FMA instructor to join the FMA Travel Team.  This level is open to all ages and levels novice, intermediate, advanced and elite.

Level 3 – Youth Elite Team

Athletes who are trying to make the USA Jr National Team.  Additionally, Youth Elite Team members must participate in at least one WKF Youth League event.

Level 4 – Senior Elite Team

Athletes who are trying to make the USA Sr National Team.  Additionally, Senior Elite Team members must participate in at least one WKF Series A event.

Level 5 – Olympic Development

Athletes who compete in continental and world championships, as well as Series A and Premier League events.  The goal of these athletes are to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Ways to Give

• A one-time donation to the fund.

• A monthly donation to the fund, add on to your monthly membership dues or simply just sign up to donate monthly.

• Shop at your favorite stores through the FlipGive App and they’ll give back to Team FMA