sensei david rasof

Karate, 3rd dan
Wilmette Dojo Manager

Sensei David Rasof is a Sandan (3rd degree Black belt) in Shotokan karate. He began his karate experience as a Little Dragons parent in 2007, watching his son Jake (black belt). Later that year David and his wife Miriam (black belt) decided to give it a try. Sensei David has taught karate for over 8 years and has coached youth sports for 10. He has competed and won medals in both kata and kumite. Sensei David is the Wilmette dojo manager, one of the main instructors, and teaches martial arts and karate at local schools. Sensei David is available for private lessons on all aspects of karate and self defense. Sensei David trains regularly and believes spirit and effort are the keys to successful karate.