Fundraising & School Events

A priority at Fonseca Martial Arts is giving back to the community.  Our goal is to be a resource for local schools and organizations.  We have several workshops, seminars and donations that we hope you will take advantage of.

Our program not only teaches the strong foundations of traditional Japanese karate, but also cultivates important life skills for children of all ages. Our emphasis on character development encourages children to be respectful, courteous, humble, and thoughtful of others. We employ our S.A.F.E. curriculum, which gives students the skills to deal with threatening and non-threatening situations with integrity and intelligence.

Anti-Bullying Workshops

FMA’s Anti-Bullying Workshops utilize the S.A.F.E. program, which teaches students the skills to deal with threatening and non-threatening situations with integrity and intelligence. FMA offers these workshops free to local schools and organizations for use as fund-raisers.  100% of money raised goes directly to the school or organization.  Our S.A.F.E. program cultivates important life skills for children of all ages.

SAFTEY – Children develop the tools they need to recognize potentially harmful and dangerous situations, and respond appropriately to them. Children learn about situational awareness in a fun, non-threatening way.

ANTI-BULLYING – Students learn how to identify bullying, help others around them, and report incidents immediately to adults. We also teach our students strategies they can use to diffuse bullying in a non-violent way, by using anger guards, word blocks, and other verbal techniques.

FITNESS – The workshop stresses the importance of fitness and introduces the students to FMA’s karate fitness program.  Martial arts is an excellent form of exercise and fitness development.  Using our elite karate athlete and certified personal trainer expertise, we fuse the best of martial arts and modern exercise science to develop children athletically. Young children practice gross motor skills for their physical development, while older children gain speed, mobility, strength and coordination.

EMPOWERMENT – As former Karate World Champions, Pan Am Games Gold Medalists, and US Olympic Athletes of the Year, we teach children the importance of setting goals, perseverance, and continuous effort. Students learn the important life lessons of overcoming obstacles, understanding that failure equals feedback, believing in themselves, harnessing the power of a positive mental attitude, and focusing on the task at hand. Empowering our students allows them to develop the confidence and assertiveness they need to say “No” to an adult or their peers in a potentially dangerous situation.

Self-Defense Seminars

FMA hosts Self-Defense Seminars several times a year at each of our different dojo locations.  Seminars cover how to kick, punch, block; how to defend against various punches, chokes, grabs, and take-downs; and how to deal with multiple attackers.  The program also focuses on how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and respond appropriately.  For ages 14+, no previous martial arts experience is required.

Self-Defense Seminars are another fund-raising opportunity for your school or organization.  It is ideal for teachers, parents and older students/siblings.  Sign up five or more participants to any seminar and FMA will give back 20% of the proceeds to your school or organization.  Gather 20 participants and FMA will hold a private seminar at the closest FMA dojo.


FMA is happy to donate a certificate for FREE Karate Classes to your raffle, auction or other fund-raising event.

School or Community Events

FMA would love to be part of your school or community event.  We can kick up some fun with interactive karate obstacle courses or mini karate classes.  Kids have a blast while developing coordination, strength, fitness, character and focus.  We are willing to work with you to meet the needs of your event.

Contact us to schedule your workshop, seminar or event, or to request a donation.

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