Located in the heart of downtown Highland Park, the Highland Park Dojo is the sixth Fonseca Martial Arts location. We are excited to share martial arts with the Highland Park Community.


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Noreen GibsonNoreen Gibson
14:45 29 Mar 23
An amazing women’s self defense workshop today! Thank you Jessica Owens for such an informative and empowering class! It was an excellent class to build self-confidence and increase awareness skills that can help prevent potential danger. Techniques taught included how to respond to: bullies, assault, inappropriate touch, abduction, and more.We learned:The 4 “A’s” of self defense: Attitude, Awareness, Assessment of a situation, Action.How and why women are attacked including vulnerable areas of a woman’s lifestyle.What assailants look for in their victims – date, acquaintance, and stranger assaults.Where to strike and how to strike.How to stop frontal attacks and attacks from behind, and ground defense.Verbal defense and dealing with bully prevention.Jessica clearly has a deep knowledge of the field and ability not just to answer any question but to help you see rationale and develop your own self-defense mindset. Jessica’s emphasis was on simple, functional defense based on easily-learned movements rather than complicated techniques that would require extensive training to learn and execute properly. Her instruction instilled confidence in the students and ultimately provided a toolbox to build from moving forward.Jessica is a subject matter expert in the field of self defense who truly cares about her students. We were so fortunate to have her travel to HIllsboro from Chicago for this workshop. Thank you!
I have three kids at Fonseca Martial Arts and they love all the instructors and have made many friends with other students and their families! My oldest son participates in the karate and Jiu Jitsu program and he is excited to come every week! This program teaches beyond karate! The instructors also focus on the tenets of leadership! I highly recommend Fonseca Martial Arts!
Oswaldo LópezOswaldo López
05:47 06 Mar 23
Wonderful Instructors. Great discipline, great exercise and beautiful kind staff. Outstanding self defense, competition team and life skills for children and adults, highly recommended.
Joe B (bertjoe)Joe B (bertjoe)
23:07 20 Feb 23
I recently joined the new jiu jit-su program at Fonseca. I love the flexibility of being able to utilize 3 of the locations for training. I had the opportunity to train in Highland Park and enjoyed the easy access to parking. Also, it was close to the highway, which is a big plus for a commuter. Finally, the staff and teachers are able to instill a sense of discipline and perseverance in an enjoyable atmosphere. My kids did karate at Fonseca and one of my daughters now does the jiu jit-su program. Being confident in defending yourself and knowing how and when to is one of the main reasons you should give it a chance. I love it!
Nolys CabelloNolys Cabello
22:56 13 Feb 23
I have 3 year in living in Chicago and my Daughters are training in Fonseca Martial Arts. the Senseis are very good and professional in the teachings of Karate. I recommend them 100%.
Gerson GuillenGerson Guillen
19:08 10 Feb 23
It’s amazing activity for the kids, the instructors are really good with the classes for them, I would recommend Fonseca martial arts 100%