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Karate for Adults

For adults, martial arts classes provide a fun and challenging exercise routine and offer a great alternative to traditional gym workouts. Our classes build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, and foster an overall sense of well-being. 

Regardless of whether you want to become a competitive athlete, learn self-defense techniques or simply become more physically fit, this program will help you achieve your goal. You develop increased endurance and muscle tone, improve balance, quicker reflexes, and most importantly, a greater sense of well-being. Keep in mind that no previous experience is required. And if you do have some experience in martial arts, this program is a great place to rediscover the many benefits of martial arts training.


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In the beginner class, adult students will focus on the fundamentals of traditional karate. Students will practice the basic stances, blocks, and strikes while learning how to use various training equipment, including focus mitts and heavy bags. This class will also emphasize basic conditioning and self-defense.


In the intermediate class, students' balance, coordination, and timing will further be challenged as they practice various combinations with their basics, forms, and sparring techniques. This class will also emphasize conditioning and self-defense.


The adult advanced karate class is geared towards brown and black belts who want to challenge their timing, coordination, strength, focus, endurance, and technical ability. This class will further develop each student's understanding of the art while also emphasizing conditioning and self-defense.


Students learn the traditional forms (Kata) that make up the Shotokan and Shito-Ryu systems. These forms are prearranged routines that incorporate various stances, blocks and strikes, and challenge each student’s balance, coordination, stamina and breath control as they learn to move with the rhythm and direction of each form. Students start with the most basic forms and eventually advance to the black belt curriculum.


Sparring (Kumite) is an opportunity for students to practice their techniques and reaction timing with a partner in a controlled manner. Students learn how to move properly when responding to an opponent by focusing on footwork, timing and techniques. They practice with focus mitts, striking shields and other training devices to develop precision and control over their techniques. Once basic skills are mastered, students also participate in sparring with protective equipment in a safe environment.


The weapons (Kobudo) class uses the martial arts weaponry systems which originated on the island of Okinawa and were brought to mainland Japan. Students learn the traditional Japanese art of the bo (staff), kaibo (oar), tonfa (baton) and sai. Students must have a minimum rank of Yellow belt before training in the Kobudo class.

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