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St Josephat Karate Club

2245 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 VIEW map Phone: 847-866-0200

St Josphat Karate Club

Fonseca Martial Arts offers their after-school Karate club at St Josephat School in Chicago. The classes are open to all skill levels; no previous experience required.

How do kids benefit from karate?

Classes are a positive, fun way to increase stamina and build discipline and focus. Classes emphasize self-defense, goal setting, and basic karate techniques. Karate also focuses on building character: developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for others and improving self-esteem. Students leave with practical, confidence-boosting skills.

*Class size is limited. Students do not need to wear the traditional karate Gi, just loose, comfortable clothes. Contact the FMA staff at 847-866-0200 for more details.

Weekly Class Schedule & Forms

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    Contact us, call us at (847) 866-0200, or stop by one of our Main Schools for details about programs and pricing.

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