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Lincoln Karate Club

910 Forest Ave, Evanston, IL 60202 VIEW map Phone: 847-866-0200

Lincoln Before-School Karate

Fonseca Martial Arts presents morning Karate classes to 1st - 5th grade kids, with FMA staff leading the sessions. The class is open to all skill levels; no previous experience required!

John Fonseca and Elisa Au, owners and chief karate instructors, are America’s most decorated karate champions. Their top-quality instructors and programs have earned them a reputation for excellence. 

How do kids benefit from karate? 

Our Karate program provides an excellent before-school activity for children grades 1-5. Classes will emphasize self-defense, goal setting and basic karate techniques. Our instructors will work with students to build character by developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for others, and improving self-esteem. Students will leave with practical, confidence-boosting skills.

Class size is limited. Students do not need to wear the traditional karate Gi, just loose, comfortable clothes.

If you have any questions, contact us at 847.866.0200 or

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