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The FMA instructors

"Founded by Elisa Au Fonseca and John Fonseca, Fonseca Martial Arts’ mission is to bring out the best in every individual by forging a strong mind, body and spirit to discover the champion within.  Through the discipline and dedication of martial arts training, our programs cultivate the important life skills of courtesy, respect, focus, self-control and perseverance. Our FMA locations provide children and adults with the highest quality of martial arts training. Our instructors strive to provide the most innovative and modern fitness training techniques while reinforcing respect for oneself and for others.

The curriculum and approach at Fonseca Martial Arts are designed to work with children and adults of all levels of skill and fitness, from beginners to advanced, to bring out the best in every individual.

With three dojos and many satellite locations, Fonseca Martial Arts brings a highly qualified and experienced staff of instructors, as well as world-class athletes. You can expect the highest level of professionalism, courtesy and commitment from us."™



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