Golden Dragons [ages 65+]

Here come the Golden Dragons: fit, agile, flexible, and over 65. Fonseca Martial Arts is proud to introduce the Golden Dragons program for senior students. Our students will not only use karate to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination, but they’ll also learn about the history and philosophy of the art of karate and grow to appreciate both its origins and meaning in their own lives. Karate’s movements and mindfulness practices have long been linked to improvement in mobility, balance, coordination, and overall well-being, and we’re honored to have the resources to bring that to the senior community. Golden Dragons students will have the freedom to move between Golden Dragons designated classes and Adult classes for a physical challenge. Regardless of whether you want to become more physically fit, increase flexibility, learn self-defense techniques, or just keep moving, we have the program for you. After all, age is just a number.

The Golden Dragons program works on a traditional belt system with monthly belt testing opportunities. Schedule your Free Trial Class today.

Golden Dragons Schedule

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