Time and location

The 2016 Fonseca Cup will be held on Saturday, October 15th in Beardsley Gym at the Evanston Township High School located in Evanston, Illiinois.

Events type

There will be three types of events for competitors to participate:

  • Kata
  • Kumite
  • Teams

Cash prizes!!!


  • $500 Men's Elite WKF Kata (18-34 yr old advanced)
  • $500 Women's Elite WKF Kata (18-34 yr old advanced)
  • $500 Men's Elite WKF Kumite -67kg (18-34 yr old advanced)
  • $500 Men's Elite WKF Kumite -75kg (18-34 yr old advanced)
  • $500 Men's Elite WKF Kumite +75kg (18-34 yr old advanced)
  • $500 Women's Elite WKF Kumite (18-34 yr old advanced)

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Saturday, October 15th
The tournament will start at 8am. The winners of the Elite Kata and Elite Kumite kilo divisions will each take home $500 in cash prizes. We encourage families to come Saturday to see world class competition.


For the youth and teenage divisions, every division will be split by age and skill.  If certain divisions are small, the tournament directors have the authority to combine divisions.  Divisions for kata and kumite will all be run from the same ring so that children and their parents do not have to move around and re-stage every time. Please see the schedule below for more information.
We encourage all FMA students to participate in this event.  Sensei are working with students in class to prepare them for competing by practicing the format and etiquette in class.  Our goal is to provide a fun and memorable experience for all of participants at this event.


Non-Elite Divisions

7:45am           All Team kata

                        5-6yo male/female kata & kumite

8:30am           7yo male/female kata & kumite

8:45am           12-17yo male/female advanced kata

10:00am        8yo male kata & kumite

                        8-9yo female kata & kumite

11:30am        9-10yo male kata & kumite

11:45am        12-13 male/female advanced kumite

12:00pm        14-17 male/female advanced kumite

1:00pm          10-11yo female kata & kumite

                        11yo male kata & kumite

1:45pm          12-17yo male/female Beg/Nov/Int - kata & kumite

2:15pm          18+ male/female Beg/Nov/Int/Adv - kata & Kumite

2:30pm          All Team Kumite


Elite Divisions

7:45am           18+ male/female Elite kata

8:45am           12-13 male/female Elite kata

                        14-15 Cadet male Elite kata

9:30am           14-15 Cadet female Elite kata

                        16-17 Junior male/female Elite kata

10:15am        18+ male Elite kumite

11:15am        18+ female Elite kumite

11:45am        12-13 male/female Elite kumite

12:00pm        14-15 Cadet male Elite kumite

12:45pm        14-15 Cadet female Elite kumite

                        16-17 Junior male Elite kumite

1:15pm          16-17 Junior female Elite kumite


Weigh-In Schedule

Friday, October 14th
FMA Wilmette Dojo
1100 Central Ave
Wilmette, IL 60091

Saturday, October 15th
Tournament Venue Staging Area (open area, please dress appropriately)
Evanston Township High School Beardsley Gym
1600 Dodge Ave

Evanston, IL 60201
Becoming a referee for the Fonseca Cup

Referees and judges are encouraged to participate in our referee training sessions throughout August and September. For more information, please contact info@fonsecacup.com


Kata and Kumite Seminars!

Available for sensei, coaches & athletes

Date: Friday, October 14th, 2016

Sensei Javier Mantilla Kata Seminar (All Levels):

Sensei Javier Mantilla is the chairman of the Pan-American Referee Council and has served as a member of the referee council for the World Karate-do Federation for over 15 years. Sensei Mantilla has had an exceptional career as an international official, athlete and coach of the Venezuelan National Team. He has also led the development of sophisticated electronic materials with which to train officials. Sensei Mantilla will be assisted in his seminar by Sensei Jean Carlos Vasquez who is an SKIF Kata World Champion.

Location: 1100 Central Ave, Wilmette, IL. 60091

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Pictures and Signatures 6:30-6:45pm

Fees: $50 for 1 session; $75 for 2 sessions


Kumite Seminar by Venezuelan National Team Members (Advanced):

This Kumite Seminar will be led by The Fantastic Four:

Jovanni Martinez Men’s -60kg

  • 2015 Pan American Games silver medalist
  • 3 x Pan American Champion
  • Venezuelan Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year

Andres Madera Men’s -67kg

  • 2 x German Open silver medalist
  • 2014 Paris Open silver medialist
  • Pan American Champion

Cesar Herrera Men’s -84kg

  • 2008 World Univeristy Champion
  • 3 x Pan American Champion
  • 2011 Pan American Games Champion
  • Venezuelan National Team member for 10 years

Angel Aponte Men’s +84kg

  • 2013 World Games silver medalist
  • 3 x Pan American Champion
  • Venezuelan National Team member for 6 years

Location: 1100 Central Ave, Wilmette, IL. 60091

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Fees: $50 for 1 session; $75 for 2 sessions

Pictures and Signatures 8:30-8:45pm


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