Competition Team

Karate is one of the most popular sports practiced in the world with over 50 million people involved from 164 countries. Our competition classes are geared towards competitive athletes who wish to enhance their speed, focus, accuracy, timing and efficiency of movement for local, regional, national and international karate competition. Interested students are required to obtain permission from their instructor. Your sensei can answer any questions or concerns that you may have about competing. Fonseca Martial Arts students are encouraged to participate in competitions throughout the year.

Competition Training

FMA provides additional competition training for members interested in tournaments. Students on the competition team are required to attend these Olympic Karate classes. However, any student may register for competition training without participating in competitions with permission from their sensei.

Competition Team Structure

Competition team members must be enrolled in Olympic Karate classes and meet the minimum number of classes per week.  The purpose for the competition schedule and requirements is to ensure that all competition team members receive the very best preparation and coaching for karate competition and to hold all students accountable for their commitment to the program.  The competition team members will receive coaching at all events where allowable.  Competition team members are required to wear exclusive competition team apparel to all tournaments.

Level 1 – In-House Competition Team

Entry level for FMA students who are interested in karate competitions.  Tournaments are local (including WI and IN), some hosted by other organizations and others hosted by FMA.  This level is open to all ages and skill levels.

Level 2 – FMA Travel Team

Athletes who have at least one year on the Junior Competition Team.  You should be recommended by an FMA instructor to join the FMA Travel Team.  This level is open to all ages and levels novice, intermediate, advanced and elite.

Level 3 – Youth Elite Team

Athletes who are trying to make the USA Jr National Team.  Additionally, Youth Elite Team members must participate in at least one WKF Youth League event.

Level 4 – Senior Elite Team

Athletes who are trying to make the USA Sr National Team.  Additionally, Senior Elite Team members must participate in at least one WKF Series A event.

Level 5 – Olympic Development

Athletes who compete in continental and world championships, as well as Series A and Premier League events.  The goal of these athletes are to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Training Requirements

In-House Competition Team

  • There are no training requirements.  Based on students’ age and level, we recommend an average of 2-3 days/week of consistent training
  • Olympic classes are recommended, but not required
  • Each athlete must complete an athlete pledge

FMA Travel Team

  • Average of 2-3 days/week of consistent training throughout the year
  • Olympic classes are required
  • 4+ days/week of training 4 weeks prior to USA Open and USA Karate Nationals
  • Mandatory participation in all FMA tournaments (3 per year)
  • Each athlete must complete an athlete pledge

Competition Apparel

All competition team members are required to wear FMA T-shirts and competition team jackets to all competitions. Additionally, we offer matching competition team warm-up pants, dri-fit t-shirts, dri-fit polos, shorts and socks. All of these items may be purchased at the dojo. All competitors must also wear FMA Patches on their gis during competition. We recommend specific kata or kumite gis versus a basic training gi when competing.

Dojo Tournaments

This is a great opportunity for beginning students to learn about karate tournaments. Dojo tournaments are held at one of the Fonseca Martial Arts dojos and are only open to FMA students. FMA instructors referee the 2-hour inter-club tournament. Students compete in teams and everyone goes home with a medal!

AAU and USA-NKF Local Tournaments

As students become comfortable with dojo tournaments, we encourage them to try local tournaments. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and USA National Karate-Do Federation (USA-NKF) hold local competitions throughout the year— see below for resources. All FMA students are encouraged to participate in local tournaments.

AAU National Championships

Those students who qualify at AAU Regionals are eligible to compete at AAU National Championships. FMA has sent a team to AAU Nationals every year since opening, and they have always returned with great results. Joining the FMA competition team at this level requires a commitment to training. Students will be required to attend Olympic Karate classes in preparation for the tournament.

USA-NKF National Championships

The USA National Karate-Do Federation is recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of Karate. While there are divisions for all ages and levels at the USA-NKF National Championships, Advanced competitors, ages 12-20, have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the USA Junior National Karate Team. Students on the FMA competition team are required to attend Olympic Karate classes in preparation for the tournament.

International and World Championships

Several of FMA’s instructors and senior black belts are members of the USA Junior and Senior National Teams. These athletes represent the USA at the Pan American and World Karate Championships, as well as compete in other international tournaments. They are role models for younger FMA competitors.

Other Competitions

The Senseis will notify all students of open tournaments held locally and nationally throughout the year. The US Open is the premier international tournament in the US , and is held every year in Las Vegas over Easter weekend. The All-Hawaii Championships are held every year over Thanksgiving weekend. FMA sends teams annually to these events.


Is the competition team open to everyone?

Yes! It’s never too early to start. We have a variety of Olympic classes available to try for athletes considering competition.

How much time do we have to dedicate?

This varies based on your rank within FMA. In-House Team members can expect a very doable commitment, while Elite level athletes will be required to dedicate much more of their time.

Dose it cost?

Olympic classes require a simple upgrade fee of $50 per month to start. Once you are settled into the In-House Team, you’ll start competing in local tournaments, followed by travel opportunities if you choose. Those will have coaching fees and tournament entry costs associated, which will vary by tournament.

How do we start?

Start by asking your sensei which Olympic class is right to jump into. They can help place you in a class where you’ll thrive.